Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Choosing Our Stories

I recently had the opportunity to attend a meeting at the Kiwanis Club of Carlisle. This is a cheerful bunch, beginning the meeting by collecting “happy dollars” and ending it with the “jester” reciting a humorous thought for the day. Like many service clubs, it’s a gathering of folks keeping alive some of the constructs of what made our country great – social clubs, volunteerism, and a linking of arms for the greater good. The club members meet weekly, making a choice to sacrifice time and energy that might be spent inward and pouring it out, into the lives of community youth programs for the betterment of others. I had the opportunity to humbly and graciously accept a donation of support on behalf of the Carlisle Family YMCA for the Mentoring Project. I thanked the group and said that their choice to support the Y helps rewrite countless stories unfolding at the Y every day. I said that the Y isn’t about a building or a structure, but it’s about creating a space where people can come together and pursue healthier lifestyles, where they can choose to come in the hope of something more, and where they can choose to embrace the life story they’ve been gifted; sharing, celebrating, and encouraging each other along the way. All of this blending and collaboration creates a stronger community, these relationships are the underpinning of our moral fabric.


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